Curtis Shmyr

Release 20120630

A new release of OpenRA is available! Grab it on the downloads page.

Both mods:

  • Added a server banlist setting (e.g. Server: Ban: IP1,IP2,IP3).
  • Comments can be placed at the end of lines in YAML files (comments are prefixed with #).
  • Improved error handling for multiple definitions of the same field in YAML files.
  • (Gameplay) Missiles lose guidance and run out their remaining fuel if the target dies.


  • Camoflauged pillbox is back, with the same garrison features of the original pillbox.
    • The camoflauge effect requires power - the unit inside the structure will still attack even if power is low.
  • Added a setting to disable the CashTick sound played when producing structures and units. Setting can be set to Extreme (default), Normal, or Off.
  • Minor AI improvements.


  • Exposed the option to toggle the shellmap.
  • MRLS cost increased from 800 to 1200.
  • APC’s gun damage was increased, to be a bit more effective against helis.
  • Several buildings had hitpoints modified. Construction Yard, Airfield, Weapons Factory and Advanced Powerplant all received a bonus to their armor, while defensive walls received a reduction of health.
  • Serveral units had movement speed adjusted. Notably the Nod Buggy, Recon Bike and Humvee all received a boost, and Medium Tank was slightly slowed.
  • Landed helicopters were made targetable by units.
  • Production hotkeys changed from YUIOP to QWERT (a la C&C 3).
  • Mammoth Tank has an 8-sec cooldown for heal (like RA).

Bug fixes:

  • Spy entering radar dome will no longer reset GPS if up.
  • Players cannot attempt to capture buildings if that same player (or friendly ally) is already capturing.
  • Barrels are no longer capturable/sellable.

The next release should be a large one, stay tuned.