Paul Chote and netnazgul

Playtest 20190209 and RAGL Season 7

A new playtest build is now available with a collection of fixes and improvements over playtest-20190106.

The last playtest made some big changes to how targeting interacts with the Fog of War, which broke a lot more than we expected. Rather than reverting these changes, we decided to go all-in, and replaced even more of the targeting code - a job that we had originally planned for the release after next.

These new changes should fix not just the regressions in the last playtest, but also several other long-standing gameplay bugs and inconsistencies with the Fog of War, engineers, and aircraft. They also bring two long-requested features:

  • Tanks and other turreted units automatically target nearby units while moving
  • Force-firing with long-range artillery style units targets the ground, allowing attacks to continue when vision is lost under the Fog of War.

We are excited for these new features, which should go a long way towards improving combat fluidness and the ability to micromanage your forces.

Tanks targeting while moving
Tanks now automatically target enemy forces while moving.

The audio notification changes introduced in the last playtest have been refined and expanded by adding click feedback to the sidebar, reducing the volume of the “cash tick” sounds, and normalizing the volume changes between different music tracks. The build is rounded out with fixes for bugs and crashes that were reported in the first playtest — see the full changelog and playtest-20190106 news post for more detail.

Head to the download page to give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below, on Discord, our forum, or GitHub!

Red Alert Global League Season 6

We are also back into competitive scene, with Red Alert Global League running its seventh season in March and April. New signups are possible until February 27th; check the registrations thread for the relevant information on how you can participate.

The tournament will build up on the structure changes made in the previous season, but coming engine modifications and improvements are sure to stir things up among the competition. We are also to see whether Barf will be able to break the RAGL tradition and become the first triple champion or this continues further with a new player crowned at the end. As usual, there will be an aim to achieve at any tier, with several spots providing monetary prizes from a publicly collected prize pool.

Visit our forum to read all about the tournament and join our Discord server to stay informed on all the day-to-day activities in the community, as well as to discuss games, provide feedback and share your ideas on the project.