Paul Chote

Playtest 20180825

We are today releasing a new OpenRA playtest with fixes for various issues reported in playtest-20180729. Thank you to everybody who reported bugs or provided other feedback!

Notable changes in playtest-20180825 include:

  • Improvements and polish fixes for the player accounts system
  • Improved asset detection for community-patched versions of “The Ultimate Collection”
  • Fixed incorrect infantry death screams
  • Fixed crashes related to text input and bots in the lobby
  • Fixed the AI harvester control
  • Fixed units not always returning after being Chronoshifted in RA
  • Fixed crashes in several campaign missions
  • Fixed AppImage compatibility with Linux Mint
Updated Badge Selection
We are now also starting to award special profile badges to players who meet certain criteria. See this forum thread for more information.

This playtest removes a couple of features that were not ready for prime-time, including the threaded renderer performance optimization on Windows. We found that this feature mysteriously interferes with the ability to restore minimized windows from the task bar, but don’t understand why! If you are a programmer with experience in multi-threaded OpenGL and SDL on Windows, please get in touch and help us debug this.

See the full changelog for all of the changes in this playtest, and head on over to our download page to try it out! We hope that this will be the last playtest before the next OpenRA release, so please report any other issues you know of via our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below.