Oliver Brakmann

Playtest 20150408

We have finalized the balancing for the Red Alert mod, so it’s time for another playtest!

The changes this time around include:

  • More balancing adjustments in Red Alert. Please see the changelog for a detailed list of changes.
  • Fixed enemies erroneously getting an “(Ally)” suffix in chat messages.
  • Games in progress that are password protected are now indicated as such in the server browser.
  • Fixed helicopters wasting ammo by trying to shoot at targets directly below them.

More details and links to pull request can be found on our changelog page.

You can find the installers for a variety of supported operating systems in our download section.

This will likely be your last chance to give feedback and contribute to this release, so if you find bugs, encounter any problems are have other suggestions, don’t hesitate and report them on our bug tracker!

A note on map compatibility: already with the first playtest a new map format was introduced which is not backward-compatible with last October’s release-20141029. This means that if you have downloaded custom maps from the Resource Center or elsewhere, these maps will have been automatically updated to the new map format once you have run this or one of the previous playtests. If you later go back to the release version, it will not be able to parse the new map format and crash. You can avoid the problem by either deleting the contents of your map folder, or by making backups of the map folder and restoring that when you switch back to release-20141029.

Server browser with password protected games
Protected games in the server browser.

Another sneak peek at our in-progress Tiberian Sun mod: How to deploy upgrades.