Matthias Mailänder

Playtest 20140602

We have just released playtest-20140602, which is the second release candidate for our upcoming June release.

The whole development branch is currently in feature freeze to not introduce new problems. Only small improvements and bug-fixes are accepted:

  • Fixed crashes when OpenRA Resources returns invalid data.
  • Fixed the automatic map download not updating the lobby after completion.
  • Fixed a crash on non-English locales (Windows).
  • Another significant improvement in CPU performance.
  • Added 3 new Lua scripted missions and skirmish maps.
  • Polished the support beacon display.
  • Improved pathing for engineers and passengers.
  • Fixed compatibility with Debian Wheezy.
  • Fixed the startmenu shortcut on Windows.
  • Fixed problems in the Red Alert SNOW tileset.
  • Fixed a regression where spies could be identified on the radar.
  • The web infrastructure has been ported to a new faster site:

Note: There is a known issue with the old not redirecting at the moment which breaks the custom map download for the current stable release. Use the new playtest or choose standard maps for the moment.

The full list of changes compared with the holiday release is available on our wiki.

Resource Center
Share your maps at for automatic in-game downloading.

Spectator Beacons
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