Oliver Brakmann

March 2016 Tournament Announcement

It is time for yet another OpenRA tournament which, for the first time ever, will feature a prize pool of $200!

Once again our community member Ripley calls to all OpenRA players to compete for the crown of ultimate RTS champions!

Running on the weekends of March 5th-6th and March 11th-12th 2016, the tourney will take the format of tag team elimination. Teams of two players will square off in a total of three games, two of which being 1v1 matches between pairs of opposing players and a final 2v2 match between both teams.

Thanks to the casters of the Comcast Crew and GameReplays.org a prize pool of $200 will be rewarded! The prize will be split 80/20 between the first and second place, to be evenly shared among team members.

For official tournament rules and team registration, visit the forum thread. If you are looking for a team mate, have a look at this thread. Registration ends on March 2nd at 0:00 UTC, so don’t waste any time and register right now!

As usual, the event will be covered by a number of casters. Channels and streams will be announced once the tournament starts.

We wish all participants good luck and a lot of fun!