Oliver Brakmann

Announcing Hecthor Doomhammer's Red Alert Tournament

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Our good friend Hecthor Doomhammer welcomes you all to the first ever Hecthor Doomhammer Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament!

A Tournament unlike any other where contestants are subjected to a new challenge each round to keep them out of their comfort zone and constantly on their toes.

Starting July 2nd at 10:00am GMT/12:00pm CEST a field of 16 challengers will be waging a two-weekend war to decide who will take the honor, glory and the prize money on July 10th.

The prize pool currently consists of a whopping €160 and will be scaled according to the number of signups. In the case of only eight to twelve contestants signing up it will be decreased to €100, should there be seven or less to €60.

The complete tournament will be hosted and livestreamed from Hecthor Doomhammer’s Twitch channel. Joining him will be his fellow casters SoScared and FiveAces as well as well-known community figures Jazz_KCS and Ripsn as tournament officials.

To register visit the tournament thread on the forum. You will also find all about the specific tournament rules in that thread. Registrations will close on June 26th, so hurry hup!

The clock is ticking…